My Nature Campaign 2022


My Nature, a subdivision of Severe Nature, was developed for creatives of the world, aimed at challenging society’s tendency of undervaluing creatives and their art during the budding stages of their careers. We believe our work represents who we are and what we stand for, using it as an outlet to express ourselves freely. My Nature focuses on amplifying the art, accomplishments, contributions, and voice of creatives with the aim of encouraging more creatives to embrace their unique passion and expression.

My Nature was born out of our desire to highlight the values, talent and innovation of emerging artists in the society. By choosing to explore this community using a behind-the-scenes approach, we aspire to aid the journeys and futures of these creatives.

Our mission is to create spaces for young creatives to express their passion and talent through various channels and mediums. We aim to provide creatives with the opportunity to showcase their work while receiving recognition for it as well.


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