Out In The Wild: The Draft Vol.6 Ft. Ari Rei Curated by Jamie-Lee

Severe Nature Presents - Out In The Wild: The Draft Vol. 6 Ft. Ari Rei Curated by Jamie-Lee 

Ari Rei was born in North York, Toronto to a family of immigrants from the west coast of Africa. After their home was broken into and robbed, Ari’s family relocated to the west end of the GTA.
Inspired by the difficulties of every day life, Ari began writing and performing spoken word poetry throughout the city. While working on his songwriting and music creation in the background, Ari garnered attention across the GTA as a spoken word artist. In the summer of 2019, Ari Rei released his first record to streaming platforms. Since then, he has released a carousel of singles as well as his debut EP “You Know You”.
Unafraid to tackle controversial topics, Ari Rei takes pride in delivering thought provoking lyricism, neatly packaged in a musical style that is difficult to ignore. While entertainment and self expression are central to his art, Ari’s true mission as a creative is to edify people.

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