Celebrating the spirit of summer captured in the resplendent hues of Ghana, Severe nature in collaboration with the MTV base, different artists and other brands brought music and vibes to a creative space in the 2022 Jam sessions which were held in Accra Ghana.

The event introduced an artistic sphere where creatives came together to connect and enjoy different sounds and this created an immersive moment for fans to capture and share with their friends.

It was a packed fun-filled event that featured different artists from different communities such as Super jazz club, Yung D3mz, Jay Moore, Ria Boss, Baaba J e.t.c. and it allowed each artist to share their music which brought a sense of closeness to their fans.

Taking a window look into the space, fans were allowed to have a one-on-one session with their favorite artists, ask questions, and interact with people who share their music interests and they were well received. Food and refreshments were provided and artists were given the stage to showcase their sounds and talents. The substratum of the event is to support the growth of different creatives and connect the music strata from different spheres together.

Severe Nature also hosted a Pop up alongside releasing exclusive and distinct pieces ranging from different apparel such as activewear, hats, pieces of denim, tees, and many more.