With the growth of the BMX scene in Nigeria, Severe nature partakes in one of its most important days, GO BMX DAY to support the platform and talent in the scene. The event which was held on August 1st, 2021 at the National Stadium in Surulere Lagos brought together a roster of the best and most promising riders in the community ready to go head to head to prove their skills against other riders. The event also showcased and represented young riders with promising talent ready to express their skills and showcase themselves to the community.
It was a fun and eventful day filled with contests in which individuals showcased their skills in different riding and freestyle competitions. From the amazing graffiti street arts to the freestyle dance, different talents across the country brought on their ‘A’ game and showed what it meant to rule in the art of action sports and street performances. To get a clearer picture it was like ‘being in the boxing ring and watching your favourite boxer show all his finishing moves' . The event also involved music, skateboarding, performances and other different sporting activities to show support of other communities in the country.


Influencing the sport dynamics, The GO BMX DAY built momentum for different individuals across the country who love the sport or any sport-related activity to improve on their skills and do what they love the most as there will always be a community that gives them opportunities to go beyond the local sports sphere.



We were also able to meet up with the team leader of the BMX Crew, STARBOYBMX (Matthew Temitope Solomon), a pioneer athlete to talk about the growth of the BMX scene in Nigeria, its importance to the people in the community and to give us tips on his constant development as a leading athlete in the sport.