What our community loves about Africa

The Jungle of Africa campaign was launched on the 9th of January 2022 centered around a collection that featured distinct pieces ranging from graphic tees, cardigans, and trucker hats inspired by elements of black excellence, arts, and culture. Capturing scenes of what Africa represents, the collection is designed for ultimate comfort using premium texture and is designed to suit each person's taste and deliver an ''out-of-this-world'' feeling.


In the commemoration of the 2022 Jungle of Africa Campaign, we asked our community what they love about Africa.


Here were some of their responses:

  • ‘‘It's the last frontier, always. Culturally and aesthetically, we are pioneers’’.

  • ‘‘The consistent innovation in all aspects of the entertainment industry and the culture as a whole’’.

  • ‘‘The Human Spirit”.

  • ‘‘ Wickedness’’.

  • ‘‘The fact that it's the origin of fundamental art and intelligence and culture’’.

  • ‘‘Unique’’.

  • ‘‘It's Ethnic creativity’’.

  • ‘‘Our people, the depth of our personalities as Africans, is rooted in our diverse culture’’.

  • ‘‘Love how undiluted and pure her culture is and beauty remains despite modernization’’.

  • ‘‘I love the diverse culture, music, lifestyle and our unbeatable underdog spirit, after all, we have been true, we still manage to create pure magic’’.

  • ‘‘The women’’.

  • ‘‘The strong connection between culture/tradition and creativity’’.

  • “I love the diversification in Africa and most especially the talent here awesome’’

  • “Love the streets and the girls”.

  • “The level of creativity within this continent is unmatched anywhere in the world, it just needs to be nurtured”.

  • “The diverse cultures”.

  • “The food”.

  • “The people! Straight up vibes”.

  • “The slang, the language, the ubuntu in us, the diversity, Our street food”.

  • “The skin colour”.

  • “I love the African Movement, encapsulating strong traditional and cultural ethics, survival, aesthetics, creativity and so much more”.

  • “Love the rich colorful diversity of the culture in Africa”.

  • “The fact that severe nature is of Africa alone is enough reason tbh”.

  • “Its unique distinctively continent & the diverse culture &the culture heritage”.

  • “The culture is like no place else”.

  • “How we are all so creative in every aspect & influencing people worldwide with our style”.

  • “Its the wildlife and Nature, Africa is the only place where you can Big 5 lion.

  • “For creatives, Africa is the best cheat code to uniqueness, The inspiration is infinite”.

  • “The West African experience, From Accra to gidi to Abdijan. Bonds despite borders>>>>”.